Scientific Maintenance Corporation

"The world's first robotic facility services company presents The robot janitors"

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Our mission is to deliver measurably superior service at a reduced cost to our clients.

About SMC - Efficiency through technology is beautiful

The science of cleaning has progressed slowly until now. Today, cleaning is accomplished with technology from the late 1800’s. The cost of people pushing cleaning machines through your building is rising. Inefficient technology costs your company money. So it’s time for Scientific Maintenance Corporation to change everything about how buildings are cleaned. Introducing the world’s first cleaning company engineered around robotics.


Smc System - Conserving resources is smart business.

We started Scientific Maintenance to conserve your company's most valuable resource, your bottom line. Increasing cleaning productivity through integrating robotics with engineered people management, we deliver superior service at a lower price. Superior service delivered every day and scientifically measured with digital precision.  


Leadership is - Experience, Integrity & Innovation

Leadership begins with decades of world class experience. Scientific Maintenance is proud to present experts from facility services, commercial real estate, facility management, infection control in healthcare facilities and robotic engineering. Diverse areas of expertise with a single shared value of integrity.


Providing a healthier workplace.

Scientific Maintenance maintains degreed and world renowned healthcare professionals on our management and advisory team because we know our core responsibility is actually public health. Being verifiably sanitary can mean the difference between lost productivity due to employee absenteeism or a healthy bottom line for your company. The latest methods, materials, and equipment means healthier indoor air quality. Disinfection of critical touch points throughout your facility means you can rest easy. We ensure that restrooms do not merely appear clean but are completely sanitized according to the strictest infection control standards.

Our products and methods protect health while minimizing negative effects on the environment.

Scientific Maintenance has practiced recycling and energy conservation as well as using the latest green cleaning technology, techniques,  supplies, and equipment long before it became fashionable.

We will become a vital resource for you as only our team of experts can be.
Scientific Maintenance teams are trained to observe and report on every aspect of your property that may need your attention. We are another set of eyes in your facility and your partner in creating and maintaining clean, healthy environments for the most important people in the world—your co-workers, tenants, guests, and occupants. Our account executives are on-call 24/7 and equipped with the latest communications technology to be able to quickly respond to any special requests or emergencies.

Doing things right is less expensive.

Our extensive experience in delivering quality services and our highly effective engineered productivity training enable us to offer you the most competitive rates in the industry. SMC incorporates the latest and most innovative cleaning technology available to reduce your cleaning costs while still exceeding your specifications.